Emmy-nominated So You Think You Can Dance 3 finale starts tonight

The third season of So You Think You Can Dance 3 comes to an end with its last performance episode tonight, and finale tomorrow night. Both episodes are two hours long and start at 8 p.m. ET. Either Neil Haskell, Sabra Johnson, Lacey Schwimmer, or Danny Tidwell will win $250,000 after the public vote tonight.

And this fall, the show itself may win, as it was nominated for an Emmy earlier this summer, for “Outstanding Choreography.” It competes against an episode of Dancing with the Stars, and against itself, as it was nominated twice, once for Mia Michael’s “Calling You,” and once for Wade Robson’s choreography for “Ramalama (Bang Bang).”

While I’ve avoided the show because of its similarity to American Idol and my general fatigue with the format in May when Dance debuts, I’ve gotten into it during the past few weeks. Los Angeles Times Jon Caramanica says Dance “has morphed into the better of the two shows, and is quite possibly the best reality competition on TV.”

I agree: While the results show is similarly padded, that’s pretty much all it shares with American Idol, besides the general structure. It has none of the ugliness of its sibling, at least in these later episodes, and there’s a fun, crazy judge, Mary Murphy, who (unnecessarily) shrieks so loud the sound engineers can’t compensate. But mostly, the performances are actually fascinating to watch; it’s just raw talent, which is what a talent competition should be about.

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