Suspicion grows about America’s Player; Amber says God told her she’d be in the final two

Now that the Big Brother 8 feeds are available via cell phone, it’s possible to watch the show 24/7, at least until the producers cut the feed when a houseguest accuses them of doing something damning.

Still, judging by last night’s show, not much is going on at all in the house right now, and the editors had very little to work with this week. Instead of strategy, fighting, or intense competition with cheesy props, we got a Sunday night episode that was mostly full of filler, at least up until Daniele nominated Amber and Jameka (a secret plan to backdoor Jen) and simultaneously developed Big Brother house disease. That causes one’s ability to speak grammatically to evaporate, specifically with regard to adverb usage and the word “personally.” She said, “I have played this game strictly strategic and not personal, and I plan to stick that way. … I am sorry, Amber and Jameka, I have chose to nominate both of you.”

Anyway, besides the food competition, we saw an extended sequences about the fact that their table was replaced with a smaller one (oh! the drama), one about the houseguests’ beer pong competitions, and another about how much of a moron Amber is. Specifically, Amber had to ask others for the definition of the following words: charismatic, ridicule, superficial, integrity, backdoor, outed, sub-alliance, perceived, implication, and peanut gallery. She told us, “People probably think I’m so stupid.” Indeed we do, but not just because your vocabulary is limited.

Fascinatingly, Amber revealed that she’s now receiving direct communication from God about the game. “If everything pans out as God’s told me it’s going to, I will win POV tomorrow, and Jameka and me will be in the final two; I just know it,” she said. Here’s my only question: If she loses POV, or she and Jameka don’t make it to the final two, does that mean God is lying to her, or she’s just hearing voices in that largely empty head of hers?

Meanwhile, Eric did his best to pretend that he was on board from the beginning about booting Dustin, telling us, “America, I feel great about what transpired this week. We got DUstin not only nominated but out of this house, and the blood is on our hands, and I gotta say, it feels good.” But he was doing his Eric Eyebrows, which tend to mean he’s struggling with whatever he’s saying.

Most likely because of his erratic, viewer-voted behavior, and over-the-top paranoia about that, Eric continues to earn suspicion. Jameka told Amber, “Something’s not adding up. … Why did he want to get Eric out? … It ain’t right. Something aint’ right.” Separately, Daniele said, “I don’t trust Eric at all.” Of course, that’s because he’s America’s Player, which the houseguests seem to be aware of, even if they don’t quite understand the details.

Among other things, the housegusts have noticed that there’s not been an America’s Choice question yet, and Jen called Eric “Mr. America,” which Captain Subtlety had to ask her about. And Dick and Daniele suggested that Eric “has been involved with this show” in the past, as Daniele said, while Dick offered that Eric may be “the creator of the show.” Close, except John de Mol is 52 and Dutch. Still, Dick does essentially realize Eric is a mole.

There’s even an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory/rumor that Jen accidentally found out about America’s Player and is being bribed to keep quiet about it, according to Big Brother Addicts comment. It claims that Jen found out “very early on in the game” and in exchange for her silence “does NOT have to give up the $250K she wagered” during a POV competition. However, that POV competition occurred relatively recently, so such a bribe could not have been made if she found out “very early on.”

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