NOW says Big Brother is “completely out of control,” wants Dick removed from the house

The California chapter of the National Organization for Women is demanding that CBS remove Dick Donato from the house. Its “media rant” for the week says the show “has gotten completely out of control with its acceptance of violence against women and hate speech.”

Specifically, they’re encouraging people to write letters to “demand that the network remove an abusive contestant who has verbally abused, physically assaulted, and threatened with death several female contestants and one gay male contestant. CA NOW has received numerous complaints from viewers who are outraged by the network condoning this unprecedented level of violence.” That contestant is, of course, Dick, whose abuse has been well-documented.

Earlier this month, California’s NOW issued a similar alert, saying the producers–at least one of whom used the c-word to describe Jen–“are allowing a contestant on the show to verbally abuse and threaten a female contestant with violence.”

NOW detailed Dick’s abuse, saying he “has repeatedly verbally attacked 23-year-old Jen, calling her crude names, telling her he’d like to sodomize her until she bleeds to death and that if he was wasn’t in the house (and at risk of being expelled) he would like to kill her. In a recent episode, he dumped a glass of tea over Jen’s head, laughed about it, and said he wished it had been ‘piss.'” The organization encouraged people to “[c]ontact CBS and tell them allowing this kind of abusive behavior for the sake of entertainment is irresponsible and unforgivable.”

Media Rant or Rave of the Week [CA NOW]