More Big Brother bigotry, Diary Room manipulation

After five weeks in the Big Brother 8 house, one thing is clear: the houseguests say pretty much everything. Amber’s discussion of Jews is by far the most well-known example, but as I pointed out, there are obviously other examples, some of which have begun to surface. Perhaps the most outrageous is Dustin’s casual use of the n-word to refer to his dog, who has black fur.

When the houseguests do say terrible things like that, the live feeds and/or Showtime Too feed just roll–until they start talking about Diary Room manipulation. (Sometimes, those two things overlap, such as when Daniele revealed the Diary Room producer called Jen the c-word.) Why are Amber’s comments getting more press than other comments? I think it’s because she went on a long, two-part diatribe, and she was dead serious. Dustin’s remark, for example, was brief and could be taken as a joke, however unconscionable.

One feed watcher has assembled some recent examples of bigotry into one clip. In it, Jessica says “no one could understand” high school’s valedictorian “at all … because he was Asian,” while Dick speaks in a mocking Asian accent after Eric asks for a “demonstration”; Dick says that if Rosie O’Donnell hosted the Price is Right, “Barker’s beauties” would become “O’Donnell’s dykes”; Dick asks someone, “What are you, a Muslim woman? You have a thick enough mustache for it”; and Amber and Dustin discuss their racist dogs, and they’re not just stealing a Curb Your Enthusiasm plotline.

The last one is by far the most disturbing conversation; Dustin tells Amber about his dog, saying, “Oh, she’s racist; she hates black people.” Amber is way too excited about this, saying, “So does my dog! Dustin, my dog was so brutal.” Dustin, still talking about his dog, says, “She’s black, so I call her — this is so bad — I call her a nigger bitch.” Amber isn’t phased, and says, “A nigger bitch? I don’t care; that’s funny.”

No, it’s not, you moron. Here are those conversations:

Meanwhile, in a very recent conversation, some of the houseguests reveal more about being “harassed” by the Diary Room producers. “I was definitely, like, harassed into saying things today that I did not want to say,” Dustin says. Jameka says, “Harassed? What do you mean? DR? It’s horrible. It’s that one. She makes you say stuff, and I’m like, I don’t want to say that, and I’m not going to.” As if to prove their point that something nefarious is going on and the producers have something to hide, someone pulls the plug on the live feeds at that exact moment. The show is called Big Brother, after all.

Big Brother 8 USA Racism & Bigotry Sampler and BB8: “harassed” in Diary and “she makes you say stuff” [YouTube]