Jen’s penalty nomination ignored for now as Amber’s vision from God comes true, sort of

The biggest news in the Big Brother 8 house was not included in last night’s episode, which concluded with Daniele vetoing Amber’s nomination, and Jen being nominated for eviction. Instead, what has happened since will apparently be crammed into Thursday’s show, although the producers seem to be trying to keep as much as possible quiet, shutting down the live feeds constantly as events unfolded.

The drama involves Jen’s post-nomination behavior, which included yelling, threatening to not go to the sequester house, and destroying Dick’s cigarettes. That led Dick to steal her clothes. Jen also started eating, despite being on Allison Grodner’s drama-inducing, great-television-producing slop.

Guess who got punished? Eating earned Jen the game’s first-ever penalty nomination. Jen explained her punishment to the house: “If I stay, for some reason, this week, I have an automatic penalty nomination next week, and I cannot get myself off with the veto.” Apparently, however, that penalty nomination was later changed to a penalty vote from the producers, which makes little sense. After a secret houseguest meeting, post from Jokers said that the houseguests were “talking about how the consequences are kind of fair, that now Jen will get voted out 6-0 instead of 5-0.”

Of course, if America votes for Eric to evict Jameka, that vote could be be 5-1. Interestingly, as House Happenings notes, viewers “who don’t have the feeds or aren’t otherwise following the action in the house in real time won’t know about Jen’s meltdown, the penalty nomination, and won’t get to judge whether her anger was righteous and Dick had it coming, or if she’s lost her mind and needs to go; and will thus be making their America’s Player vote based on badly incomplete information.”

Back to the actual episode, it was another snoozer, featuring things like a segment on Zach’s constant interrupting of Eric’s flirting with Jessica (which may explain Eric’s cameras-be-damned masturbation) and an in-episode commercial for Power of 10, the CBS game show that Daniele and Amber will appear on as contestants. It’s their prize for placing first and second in the veto competition; CBS tends to promote one of its shows by making a visit a prize, but it’s kind of awesome that they’re using a game show and sending one of the dumbest houseguests ever, Amber, to compete. Let’s hope the studio audience boos her, or Drew Carey asks her questions like, “What percentage of Americans think you’re a bigoted, delusional moron?”

Speaking of Amber, God’s discussion with her about the game partially came true, although her faith was tested. Not only did God talk to her, but she revealed that she also had a vision. “Last week, I saw a vision. I won the POV, and I feel like that was God’s way of prepping me for this week. In a couple days, we’ll know if my vision was right,” she said, reiterating that God told her she’d be in the final two with Jameka. More shocking was that she said “no more crying,” although she said that while crying.

Her vision was not correct, as Daniele won the veto. Amber said, “I don’t know why God has it to where I lost it today; I started to lose a little bit of faith.” As evidence of this, she went to the corner of the back yard to cry, and said, “Dammit.”

Continuing to provide most of this episode’s entertainment, Amber told Jameka that if Daniele offered her safety, she couldn’t promise Daniele any more than one week of safety. Daniele offered her exactly that, and then Amber started babbling and making promises. She promised never to nominate Daniele, and never to back-door Daniele, and also said, “however you want me to vote, I’ll vote.” Amber even swore all of that on her daughter’s life. That poor girl.