Jameka: “God has already ordained who is going to win” Big Brother 8

Just when I catch up with Big Brother 8, I find out that the outcome of the game has already been revealed. Christ.

After choosing players for the Power of Veto competition during last night’s episode, Jameka told Kail, “God has already ordained who is going to win. … He already knows. He already knows.” Alas, Jameka/God did not reveal who, in fact, is going to win.

Later, she elaborated, saying, “my belief is that, if my ball is pulled, it’s pulled for a reason. Like, I’m going to play because I was chosen to play.” While it’s great that she draws strength from her faith, the problem with that argument, besides the way it completely discards free will, is that it’s impossible to argue logically or refute. Every action and outcome can simply be dismissed as preordained. Had someone reached into the bag and been bitten by a scorpion, that would have been for a reason, too.

Jameka contradicted herself following the competition, arguing that one’s actions can actually affect God’s plan. After winning the POV, she said, “As long as you don’t get in God’s way of doing what’s right for you, he’s going to prevail; he’s going to come through. As soon as you turn it around and start being selfish, I could have ruined it.” Sharing her thinking with Dick, she said, “It’s already predetermined who’s going to win this.” Dick said, “Then why play?” Jameka said, “I don’t feel like there’s anything anybody can do; I feel like it’s already predetermined.”

But Jameka’s best line of the night was this: “God is so gangster; that’s what I love about him.”

Meanwhile, God, and/or Dustin’s selfishness (he used his points to buy a trip and get $5,000, which caused Amber to cry over his “greed and selfishness,” but of course, simply breathing causes Amber to cry) helped Jameka win the Veto competition. She used it on Jen’s nomination, because that’s what God wanted her to do, and Dustin nominated Nick, leaving Daniele in tears.