America’s Player’s vote leads to Dustin’s eviction

It’s always delightful to watch arrogant, self-entitled people get blindsided and surprised by a vote on a reality show. When Dustin was evicted on Big Brother 8 last night, that was definitely the case–even though it meant the biggest asshole in the show’s history gets to stick around. No one screamed in horror, but when Julie announced that Dustin was evicted, his mouth dropped open, and he said, “Ooh, interesting.” Of course, Amber burst into tears. By the time Dustin got to Julie’s couch, he was really pissed.

Dustin’s eviction was thanks to his own arrogance and stupidity (his cocky self-nomination will go down in the show’s history along with Marcellas’ dumb-ass decision not to use the veto) but is also attributable to America’s Player, Eric, who we forced to help make Dustin the first member of the jury.

As Eric learned of the public’s vote, he was obviously ticked off, and he does a horrible job of concealing his displeasure. When he lies, his brow tightens and his eyebrows turn into jagged lines. He said he wanted us to choose Dick, because “it would make my task simpler and far more personally satisfying.” But when he saw Dustin’s name, he said, eyebrows angled, “Surprise, surprise; Dustin. Not a shocker, this is what I was expecting, and that’s that.” Instead of pretending to not be irritated, maybe he should think about why America keeps telling him to vote that way. There are two possible reasons: One, viewers want to screw with him, and two, we know things that he does not. (By the end of the week, he seemed to come around, although who knows how genuine that was; he told us, “I think it was a great choice; I was hesitant at first. … It looks like we turned this house upside-down.”)

Most surprising was that Eric managed to successfully convince Jessica that booting Dustin was a good idea, although she already thought Dustin was working with Dick. Ultimately, the eviction was only a surprise to Dustin, Jameka, and Amber.

Dustin told Julie Chen, “I think that Eric was the sheisty person that he was.” As to whether or not he regretted his decision, Dustin said, “Yes and no; it was it is, and everything happens for a reason. … I guess I put my faith into people, and I was wrong.” Would America’s Player be revealed to the jury? The answer is apparently no, at least for now. Julie revealed nothing to him, although she told houseguests evicted earlier in the game. That makes sense, I guess, even despite its fundamental unfairness to the other players.

Daniele is the new HOH, but secretly, I was hoping runner-up Amber would win, just because she’s such a human train wreck that watching her would have been hysterical. Amber bawled at least twice during the live show alone, and the second time, while answering a question, Julie Chen cut her off mid-cry/sentence, finally becoming America’s Host.

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