Big Brother 8’s Jen, Kail consider leaving because of Dick’s abuse; Nick evicted

During last night’s live eviction ceremony on Big Brother 8, intrepid journalist Julie Chen asked Jen about Dick’s ice tea assault earlier this week: “It’s no secret that Dick poured a glass of ice tea on your head, yet you remain surprisingly calm. What was going through your mind?” she asked.

Jen said something about being “pretty much used to” his behavior, and then Julie turned to Dick, asking him, “Dick, would you like to apologize to Jen, or are no apologies necessary?” He said, “Absolutely not; I just wish the glass was more full.” At that point, Julie just went to the next question on her card, rather than, say, ask a follow-up or call him on his crap.

Later, Nick was evicted (even Daniele voted for him), Amber started hyperventilating, and the houseguests hung upside down for an endurance challenge during which they were showered with faux bird crap (so! creative!). Another banner-towing plane flew over during the competition, and although ordered not to look by the producers, the houseguests did and reacted to the latest message: “We [heart] Nick! Amber & Eric are Liars! LNC is the Nerd Herd.” (LNC is the Late-Night Crew alliance.)

That may have an interesting ripple effect in the house, but it was less interesting than what happened a few hours before the live show: Kail decided she was going to leave the house, known as a “departure on request,” or DOR, following Jen’s contemplation of such a move earlier in the week.

On Monday, Jen read from the official rule book (the first clip below), which seemed less like a rule book and more like a guilt trip: “No contestant has ever left. The producers and CBS have made a strong commitment to you, and in return…” Jen didn’t complete the sentence, but the intent is clear: Don’t screw us over, but we’ll screw you over. Referring to Dick’s abuse, Jen said, “I decided that if it happens again, I’m going to go apply for one–and a restraining order.”

Later in the week, Kail apparently did request a DOR, or at least told the producers about her desire to leave in the Diary Room. While those conversations are usually private and not broadcast, the audio from Kail’s discussion did go out over the live feed for a few moments. The short audio clip (below) offers insight into the way producers manipulate the houseguests; the producer tells her, “This isn’t the Kail that tried to get on seasons five, six, and seven,” and she laughs. The producers appear to act as the houseguests friends, getting them to open up, and they’re the only people the houseguests can talk to without it affecting their game. But of course the producers have their own motives.

Jen and Rule Book, Kail on Abuse July 30 and Kail requests voluntary exit in DR Aug 2 [YouTube]