Dick sacrifices himself for Daniele but America’s Player may keep him in the game

America’s Player, who sometimes seems like just an excuse to gather text message votes, may once again rock the Big Brother 8 house against his will. After last night’s episode, viewers had to tell Eric who to vote for: Dustin or Dick.

After Dick won the veto and vetoed Daniele’s nomination, Jessica nominated Dustin as a pawn. But as Dick asked us, “How many times in this game have we seen the pawn go home?” Based on past votes, America may just tell Eric to vote Dustin out, which at the very least will fracture his alliance. But it probably will send Dustin home: If Daniele, Zach, Jen, and Eric vote for Dustin, he’ll leave, because only Jameka and Amber are left to vote for Dick. And that’d be so awesome.

I say that despite the fact that Dick is an ass of colossal proportions, even though the show’s producers/editors are clearly infatuated with him and want us to love him (hell, CBS even released a video montage of his farts titled “Don’t be a dick”, as if farting was his biggest sin–not quite).

Last night’s episode started with some touching moments between estranged father and daughter; Dick told us, This is what I hoped it would be. She’s letting me be her dad. I think the times and the moments that we’re sharing now, fixing this relationship and putting it back where it should be is, without a doubt, worth way more than the money.”

Then he set about trying to sacrifice himself by getting the house to hate him, and the editors set a sequence of Dick harassing the houseguests to rock music–and some of it was actually funny for a few seconds, like when he woke Dustin up by banging on a pan lid with a spoon. Dick quickly went overboard, though: “You are one ugly bitch,” he told Amber, and also kept referring to Dustin as “princess.” Jameka declared him “Satan in this house.”

After all of this, Daniele had a really interesting meltdown in the HOH room; it seemed to be largely strategy, as she worked to separate herself from her dad. On the verge of tears, she complained about “everybody taking everything he does out on me. I am so tired of it. I have apologized since day one for things he does to all of you people. I am not his mother; I don’t condone it by not doing anything. It’s not my business. … I haven’t spoken to him for six years out of my life. It sucks, it sucks! That’s my dad. America, that’s my dad! I’m so proud!”

Then we actually got some condemnation of Dick’s behavior–from Eric, who lectured Daniele. “Your father’s attacks have crossed a line,” Eric said. “He’s attacking his sexuality, her motherhood, her religion, and you collectively, the two of you, attacked my character and stripped it to the bone based on things I did not do.” Oh, Eric, you had me right up to your lie. And until I remembered that you called Jen the c-word.

Meanwhile, the two other apparently dumb girls showed that they’re smarter than most of the other people in the house. Jen suggested to Jessica that Dustin volunteering to go up meant that he and Dick were working together, which would be fascinating but, as far as I can tell, is completely untrue. Because Eric had to give Jessica the silent treatment, thanks to the America’s Player vote, she thought, “He’s in on it. … They both have a deal” with Eric.

She may be wrong about that, but HOH Jessica proved she’s a smart player, telling us that she’d rather keep Dick, who will be more of a target then she ever will be. It looks like she just may get her wish.