Banner puts America’s Player in jeopardy as LNC alliance begins to crumble

Big Brother 8 crossed the threshold between interesting and riveting last night–and it was all because of a viewer (or viewers) who sent a banner flying over the house during the HOH competition. The producers may not want the houseguests to be influenced by the outside world (except for whenever they decide to break that rule, like with America’s Player), but they may now have that banner plane-hiring fan or fans to thank for saving this season.

The banner said “We [heart] Nick! Amber & Eric are Liars! LNC is the Nerd Herd.” All of the houseguests saw it, and immediately after winning the HOH competition, Daniele realized that her now-evicted house-boyfriend Nick was a trustworthy ally. Eventually, she correctly figured out that Eric was the wildcard vote the past two weeks.

In the Diary Room, Eric seemed to be about to cry, furrowing his brow much more than usual, and told us, “This means the world to me, and I will be devastated if something that’s entirely out of my control results in my leaving.” Of course, he already handed all of his major game decisions to America, so he’s apparently now become victim to house-logic, which makes no sense to the external world.

Daniele and Dick told Jessica what they’d deduced, and Dick suggested that “Eric is the brains” of an alliance with Kail. Jessica, despite being sworn to secrecy, immediately told Eric, who told us, “I am absolutely livid at the plan Dick and Daniele have concocted. I have been nothing but decent to them and this is how they repay me? Dick and Daniele, all you’ve done is secured your fate, leaving this house two weeks earlier than you were going to, so bring it on.”

In the back yard, he got into an angry, confrontational fight with Dick, although neither directly mentioned Eric’s betrayal of their alliance, the Late-Night Crew. Instead, Eric yelled at Dick over Dick’s suspicion and accusations; although Dick shouted and even tried to walk away, he eventually backed down.

There comes a point when some viewers begin to hate arrogant, irrational alliances, and side with the underdogs. (For the best Big Brother example ever, see the season six Nerd Herd.) In this case, the underdogs are Jen, Kail, and Zach, and they’re hard to root for. The two women are annoying, and Zach is difficult to read. But it’s even better to watch an alliance implode, which is exactly what’s happening right now.

Daniele eventually nominated Kail and Jen, but told us that they are not her targets; “my plan is going to cause an uproar in the Big Brother house,” she said. Presumably, she plans to back-door Eric, assuming someone wins the veto and vetoes a nomination. That is, unless another banner–or this week’s America’s Player challenge, which forces Eric to forge an alliance with someone viewers select–impacts the game again.