Big Brother 8 houseguests flirt, praise God, and delude themselves about their post-show lives

With Jen Johnson evicted from the Big Brother 8 house, the other houseguests apparently had little to do, with their frequent target absent from their lives.

Thus, we got another relatively boring Sunday night episode during which Jameka and Amber praised God repeatedly, Eric and Jessica flirted, Daniele got irritated with her dad, and the editors had a field day ridiculing Amber’s totally deluded self-image.

While Amber deserves ridicule, the segment was pretty mean, if hysterical. First, Amber told viewers, “I’m not as small as I look,” and a musical cue told us that no one thinks she looks small. At another point, Jameka told Amber, “You’re going to be in the magazines. You’re going to have a cover page,” and continued to stroke her ego: “I can see you on the cover of magazines.”

Humble Amber said, “No doubt.” While the editors cut to unflattering shots, Amber also revealed that “Nick told me I should go on Top Model.” Apparently, she thought he was serious. “I have the hair and the face, and the personality,” she said. If it was called Top Ugly Model, your personality would definitely fit, Amber.

Meanwhile, the quasi-luxury competition asked the houseguests to strip while standing in bubbles; the women won a “shopping spree” inside the house. Jameka said stripping was “liberating,” while Eric did his best to insist that he didn’t look once at the other guy’s packages. “It’s not like our eyes were wandering on the male side. We were looking dead ahead, and we saw was puzzle. Because, I mean, quite frankly, why would we want to look anywhere else?” Why, Eric, were your eyebrows contorted into their lying position while you said that?

As HOH, Jessica had the chance to again nominate Dick and Daniele, but she took the easy route, nominating Zach and Amber. She described them as “two people that I don’t feel exactly threatened by,” but said targeting them meant she’d stay around longer.