Amber evicted from the Big Brother house but won’t be interviewed by the media

Amber finally left the Big Brother 8 house last night, bawling as usual. But she won’t face any questions about her in-house actions until after the finale, if then.

Following the AP’s revelation that CBS wouldn’t allow journalists to ask Amber about her horrible comments, the network has decided there won’t be any interviews with her or anyone else. (“CBS wasn’t granting evictee interviews” anymore, AP blog The Slug says.) That apparently even applies to CBS’ own staff. When Amber was evicted, Julie Chen, told her, “You’re off to the jury house, but we’ll see you back here on the 18th.” Amber did not appear on the Early Show this morning, although as late as last night, the show’s site teased that the “latest ‘Big Brother 8’ castoff” would appear, and Jen appeared last week.

We’ll see if the ban sticks for next week’s double-eviction victims. As the show approaches its finale, two people will leave the house next Thursday, temporarily adding some drama but then leaving the house more barren and empty than it is now.

Outside the house, Amber did speak to Julie Chen, who was literally sparkling with glitter. For a while, Amber didn’t say anything about God, who you’ll recall told Amber that she’d be in the final two. When Julie asked Amber, “Do you believe that he didn’t want you to win?” Amber replied with double-negatives that made it hard to figure out exactly what she was saying. “Honestly, I don’t believe that he didn’t want me to win; I made a lot of mistakes in this game,” she said.

Amber also commented about people in the house who were “being rude, just nasty, negative energy that they send out in the house. You can tell a good person from a bad person,” she said, but she was not, apparently, referring to herself. Interestingly, for what I think was the first time, Julie Chen revealed the breakdown of America’s vote: “78 percent of you wanted [Eric] to evict Amber,” she said, and also told Eric that he’s won “$30,000 to date” for completing 17 of 24 tasks.

Also on the live show, we heard from Eric’s quasi-girlfriend, which Julie Chen teased by saying, embarrassingly, “Are Eric’s feelings for Jessica real? Or is America’s Player, America’s Playa?” Even our usually robotic host couldn’t keep a straight face.

The new HOH wasn’t revealed on the live show, because the houseguests had to transfer colored water across a slippery surface (covered in corn oil and baby oil) using just a teacup. Julie told us that with a three-ounce cup and a 16-gallon container, “that’s about 683 trips back and forth, or seven miles. Even if they run, it could take all night to fill those tanks.”

But of course it did not; the HOH competition was actually over in about two hours, apparently because they were able to increase the number of cups they were using. The winner was (highlight to read) Zach . During the new HOH’s reign, Janelle will return to run the POV Tuesday, in advance of the live double eviction next Thursday. And then just four will remain.