Amber, Daniele on Power of 10 Tuesday; Eric makes the producers’ case against Jen

CBS has announced, in commercials and in a press release, that Big Brother houseguests Daniele Donato and Amber Siyavus will appear on the Drew Carey-hosted game show Power of 10 next Tuesday. The episode will air Tuedsay at 8, immediately before the regular Tuesday episode.

Daniele and Amber won the ability to promote Power of 10 by placing first and second in last week’s veto competition, and CBS confirms that they “will compete against each other in the two-person game, allowing the winner to move on for a chance to play for $10 million.” More likely than not, that means Daniele will compete for $10 million, because Amber is not exactly the brightest glow stick in the box.

Considering the most national press this season has earned was because of Amber’s ignorant, anti-Semitic comments about Jews, it’ll be interesting to see how host Drew Carey–and the studio audience–treat her. It’s kind of a PR disaster for CBS to have to drag out one of their most controversial players and use her to draw viewers to its game show. Anyway, since the idea of Big Brother is that the houseguests are to have no outside contact (except for whenever the producers decide to break that rule, like to offer a trip to New York as a prize), everyone they encounter will probably be on their best behavior. That’s too bad.

After Amber and Daniele returned from the show, they apparently did not tell the others where they were or what they were doing. However, their return did offer the other houseguests an opportunity to summarize all of the drama related to Jen and her penalty vote and nomination, which unfolded while they were away. Eric takes the job, taking on that look-at-me, I’m-a-star voice he does way too often. That conversation is below, which includes Jen correcting the record once or twice–and at one point, she suggests that the producers told her she could destroy Dick’s cigarettes (“they told me I’d be allowed to do it and they gave them back to you”), just as he was allowed to hide her clothing:

Also amusing is a continuation of the conversation during which Eric sounds more like a producer and less like a contestant when he explains what will happen on tonight’s episode, and dismisses everything as “a behind-the-scenes matter.” Eric said, “It will be addressed on the show because, of course they need to acknowledge where this additional vote is coming from, so they’re going to show her actions and they’re going to have Julie explain that there will be six votes for this time only, or at least as it currently stands, this time only, but it will be illustrated there even though it’s like a behind-the-scenes matter, it will be indicated some way, shape or form during the episode, she will start a vote against her at the beginning of the episode, and that will be detailed in the episode.”

Later, after Amber throws out the f-word and “goddamn” many times while she tries to make Jen feel guilty, Eric tells Jen, “You signed the fucking contract; they can sue the fucking shit out of you. Why are you so proud of this?”

Eric, you’ve now officially become the producer’s player. Congratulations on your dual role. You know, except for the fact that you blew your cover by telling Zach, “I bet America voted to get her the fuck out of here.”

BB8 Amber/Daniele return, Eric catches them up… and BB8: Amber & Daniele return 7 [YouTube]