Mike Boogie gets a genital wart on his penis removed by Will Kirby on Dr. 90210

The following 27 words were actually spoken on an E! reality show last night: “My name is Mike, I’m 36 years old, and I’m going to see my friend Dr. Will Kirby to check out a bump I found on my penis.” Yes, Mike “Boogie” Malin, the winner of Big Brother 7, went to see his friend and Chill Town ally at his medical practice to check out his penis, which was infected with an STD, HPV, also known as genital warts.

The whole scary incident–Mike Boogie himself should never be on TV, never mind his infected genitalia–played out on last night’s episode of Dr. 90210, which co-stars Will this season. After removing the wart, Will tells us, “I really hope Mike just had a big wake-up call. And I hope he decides to be less promiscuous. I also hope he decides to wear a condom.” But Mike ends the segment by saying, “This is no wake-up call for me. I’m still going to lead a pretty promiscuous lifestyle. I’ve waited a long time for success and get past the proverbial velvet rope, and I’m still going to take advantage of it and enjoy it.”

The scenes, below for your viewing pleasure, include uncensored views of Mike’s genital region, a magnified view of the actual wart, and close-ups of Mike fondling his package, although that last part is blurred, but not quite enough to keep the average viewer from watching and then running to the bathroom and pouring Comet into their eyes and scrubbing for an hour. Here’s the video:

Dr. Will on Dr. 90210: Genital Wart Removal [YouTube]