Kelly Clarkson’s third album has only sold about half as many copies as her others

Kelly Clarkson’s ongoing problems related to the release of her third album may or may not have affected sales, but after six weeks, the record has only sold about half as many copies as her last album did.

My December “dropped six slots to No. 21 after selling 26,500 copies,” USA TODAY reports. That’s “down 14% from last week’s 31,000, for a total of 562,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.” More significantly, Breakaway “hit 1 million in sales and sat at No. 10 with a weekly take of 67,000 copies” during its sixth week, while Thankful “was No. 13 with weekly sales of 81,000 and a total of 1.1 million.”

The paper notes that her “first single is similarly slumping. Never Again peaked at No. 51 and 26.7 million audience impressions on the national radio airplay chart, then fell for six weeks before dropping off. Since U Been Gone topped out at No. 4 and 87.5 million impressions in 2005; A Moment Like This peaked at No. 8 and 69.2 million impressions in 2002.”

Still, Newsday’s Glenn Gamboa tells USA TODAY, “In the long run, she’ll be fine. She’s too talented to have this album be the career killer. People say, ‘I still like her, I don’t like the album.’ If she doesn’t change direction, she may have some problems.”

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