Real World Sydney’s all-American cast revealed

MTV has revealed the cast of the 19th season of The Real World, which debuts Aug. 8 and airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET for 24 episodes, according to an MTV press release.

The cast is entirely American, and includes three men and four women, some of whom were identified earlier. They are Cohutta, 23, “a true blue American” who “opens doors for ladies and believes in love, God and Country”; Dunbar, 22, “may look like a frat boy” but has a “sharp intellect and ability to triumph over adversity”; Isaac, 21, “loves to meet new people and have a good time”; KellyAnne, 21, “continues to feel the pain from her parents’ divorce and the recent separation from her boyfriend of three years”; Parisa, 21, “is a personal trainer and an aspiring singer”; Shauvon, 24, “is ready to jump back into the dating scene and figure out what truly makes her happy”; and Trisha, 19, “a strong-willed, Christian girl.”

MTV does not reveal how many of them are alcoholics with anger management problems. Instead of all the cast going on vacation this year, they’ll apparently have to compete for the right to travel. As was previously reported, the cast will work for Contiki tours, and they’ll have an “opportunity to win a European trip [which] creates friendly competition as the roommates go head-to-head,” MTV says.

This season in Sydney, MTV says that “jealousy creates intense conflict, tension blossoms into romance and unresolved issues from a cast member’s past explodes, leaving tender relationships in tatters,” and “a cast member is challenged by their significant other back home to make a choice Sydney or their relationship.” (I had to punch myself in the face to stop from slipping into a coma after reading that description, which tries way too hard to make the same-old, same-old sound interesting.)

The casting special airs Aug. 1 at 10, while “the first act” of the first episode will screen on July 31, when Comcast’s On Demand will have a “sneak peak.” MTV will also offer episodes for sale on iTunes, Amazon, AOL, and WalMart’s web site.

G’day MTV! Channel Takes Viewers Down Under With Seven Americans for “The Real World: Sydney” [MTV press release]