Apprentice 7 will feature celebrities raising money for charity

After almost being cancelled by NBC, The Apprentice has found new life. The network has ordered a seventh season of the show, which will feature celebrities competing and “raising money for various charities throughout the competition,” NBC said in a press release.

The Apprentice 7‘s celebrity cast has yet to be announced, and NBC says the stars “will be announced at a later date.” The series success will probably hinge upon whether or not they’re dredged from the bottom of the Celebrities Willing to do Reality TV barrel. Then again, having M-list “celebrities” hasn’t exactly hurt Dancing with the Stars.

The show will debut “mid-season,” NBC says. Trump will return, even though he quit the show. Trump doesn’t mention that it in his press release quote, in which he says, “The success of ‘The Apprentice’ has been a great experience for me. I look forward to working with Ben, NBC and Mark, the best team in television. I believe that celebrity ‘Apprentice’ will bring our wonderful show to new heights.”

The show’s future at NBC was saved by its new president, Ben Silverman, who extended the renewal deadline before he even started work.

NBC Commits to a New Celebrity Version of ‘The Apprentice’ Featuring Donald Trump as Celebrity Contestants Vie to be the Best Business Brain Under Trump’s Tutelage [NBC press release]