Victoria Beckham’s actor-filled reality show performs poorly

NBC’s £10 million for Victoria Beckham’s reality show wasn’t well-spent. First, it was demoted to a special, which aired July 16. Then, ratings for that special weren’t good.

A total of 5.1 million people watched, which left the show “behind a rerun of Wife Swap,” USA TODAY reports. While “it was first among ages 18-49 (2.2 million),” the paper says, “the number wasn’t impressive. (Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen in the next hour nearly doubled Beckham’s rating.)”

Why did it do so badly? Entertainment Weekly’s Nicholas Fonseca tells the paper, “There are plenty of people who truly don’t know who she is.”

Or perhaps people are just sick of bullshit reality shows. Confirming earlier reports from the British press, Janet Charlton reports that “most of the people on the show – including the traffic cop above – were hired ACTORS. Victoria’s hairdresser and makeup artist were the real thing, but her assistant on the show was also an actress.”

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