Laguna Beach’s fourth season will have a new cast, new school, and maybe a new name

Some additional details about the future of MTV’s Laguna Beach emerged last month in a piece about MTV’s efforts to focus on fewer series.

While the show faced cancellation, it has not been cancelled, at least not as far as MTV is concerned. The network “is moving forward on a new season with an all-new cast,” Variety reported, one that “will be very much in the vein of the show’s first season — following a group of classmates in their final year (or, in some cases, two years) of high school.”

The show was reportedly moving to Newport Beach, and that is the case, as the series is leaving Laguna High, and “is currently in production at another unnamed Orange County school — likely in Newport Beach — and could be on the air later this year.”

Most significantly, Variety says MTV is “still undecided whether to tweak the name to reflect the new locale or extend the franchise by keeping the ‘Laguna’ title.” In other words, the show’s concept will return, but Laguna Beach itself is over; it will only return to use the show’s name.

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