Bravo’s Flipping Out, Spike’s Murder debut tonight

Two new cable reality series debut tonight: For its show, Bravo has found another high-strung business owner to follow for its latest docudrama, while Spike debuts a real-life version of CSI.

Flipping Out debuts at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo, and follows Jeff Lewis, “an obsessive compulsive successful businessman” who flips million-dollar homes and “makes his living with the help of a group of diverse and oft disgruntled employees he counts as friends,” according to the network. The full first episode is already online.

The Boston Herald’s Mark A. Perigard says the show “is built on a shaky foundation. There’s not the digging into house renovations to satisfy TLC fans and not enough family dysfunction to satisfy those who thrive on Bravo’s brand of reality crazy.”

Also at 10, Spike debuts Murder, which follows two teams of three people who investigate “a gruesome recreated crime scene and real crime footage” and “compete to be the first to solve the case, correctly, in 48 hours,” the network says. It’s hosted by detective Tommy Le Noir; tonight’s case is about “a husband and wife” who were “shot to death in their own bedroom.”

Variety’s Brian Lowry says the show is “slickly produced” but “doesn’t hold up as anything more than a mindless time-killer.” And The Boston Globe’s Joanna Weiss says the show is “strangely engrossing” even though it “focuses on gore with almost pornographic glee”; it ultimately “makes you wonder if solving murders — or even watching them get solved — is so appealing, after all.”

Flipping Out [Bravo]
Murder [Spike]