Estranged father, daughter are on Big Brother together; he once said he “wanted to slap the lips off her face” and “called her a bitch”

Two of the Big Brother 8 houseguests–who are enemies or rivals in some way–are actually an estranged father and daughter. Dick, the 44-year-old single bar manager, lives up to his name in his MySpace blog, which reveals that he’s no longer speaking to his daughter, Daniele.

First, some people are speculating that the pairings of the houseguests on CBS’ new show web site match their rivalries, and that’s true for this pair. Dick’s son posted Saturday and said “my sister Daniele is also in the house, but neither of them know the other one is in [the house] yet.” He posted something similar on his own blog: “Yes, my dad and sister are on Big Brother!”

Separately, on Dick’s own blog–in which he reveals that “Sebastian Junger … is a friend of mine” and says he was was in the third Pirates of the Carribean movie–he talks about his relationship with his daughter. In On March 30, he wrote:

“[…] I haven’t been a great dad. My daughter hasn’t spoken to me for about a quarter of her life. Part her fault, part mine… but, yes… I am the adult, well now we both are, but point is made. We have, or she has always had a love hate relationship with me. I think she gets me, but she doesn’t. Is that her fault? I am fucked up, how is she supposed to get that? How is she supposed to understand that? She has been an adolescent teenage girl, she is now 20, how am I supposed to get that? […]”

That’s nice, but a year before that, in March of 2006, he wrote the following in a highly disturbing post (which is much longer):

“Ok, let me say that this is long and if you have the attention span of a fucking nat or a tard with piss stained pants…. give up now. Don’t bitch or comment about the length of it, unless you are a girl talking about my cock. […] My daughter is pissed and not talking to me again… this time because I called and text messeged her 25 times and she didn’t respond (which she always does the first time) then finally calls with such an attitude in her voice I wanted to slap the lips off her face, so I called her a bitch and she hung up on me.”

Nice casting job. Seriously, it’s been obvious for years that the producers of Big Brother consider mentally torturing people to be part of their jobs, but putting this guy in the house with his daughter? This is going to produce entertainment?

EvelDick [MySpace]