Kelly Clarkson apologizes for “supposed feud” over My December, which debuted at #2

Kelly Clarkson’s third album, My December, which was released late last month, sold more copies than her second album when it was released.

My December, which is currently number five on the Billboard 200 chart, debuted at number two, selling 291,000 copies, Billboard reports. That’s 41,000 more copies than Breakaway sold its first week.

Billboard notes that this was despite the new record’s release being “mired in controversy, beginning with rumors that RCA didn’t like the self-penned material.” This week, Kelly posted a note on her web site that offered an apology for her earlier comments. (For example, she said in an interview, “Out of a whole career of albums I’m going to have, you’re worried about one? I’m not worried about it! And I’m obviously not going to want to put out [shit].”

In her shit-eating, smells-of-publicists note, Kelly calls Clive Davis “one of the great record men of all time. He has been a key advisor and has been an important force in my success to date. He has also given me respect by releasing my new album when he was not obligated to do so. I really regret how this has turned out and I apologize to those whom I have done disservice.” She also wrote, “…I want my band, my advisors, those close to me and my record label to be one big, tightly knit family. Like any family we will disagree and argue sometimes but, in the end, it’s respect and admiration that will keep us together.”

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