Rob Mariano’s upcoming reality show Tontine has a $10 million prize

Rob Mariano has been teasing an upcoming reality TV project since the spring, saying it would be bigger than the two shows he competed on. Tontine will “the biggest cash prize in the history of reality television–$10 million,” according to a press release.

The show will feature 15 people participating in “100 days of mental and physical challenges” in order to “battle for possession of keys held by their fellow competitors. In the end, the one person who possesses all 15 keys wins the $10 million prize.” The announcement does not include a network, which likely means the show hasn’t been officially picked up yet.

Rob Mariano will host, and beyond that, he’ll give advice to the contestants, which should help if they want to fail to win four reality shows. “My own personal experiences will provide insight for the competitors to go for the win, no matter what it takes,” he said in the press release.

Previously, Rob told the Courier Times that the show he was working on “will definitely revolutionize reality TV as we know it” and is “bigger than ‘Survivor,’ bigger than ‘Amazing Race.'”

Casting begins later this month; details are on the show’s annoying Flash web site.

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