Coral from The Real World comes out as a lesbian

Coral Smith, a cast member on The Real World 10 and numerous Challenges, has come out as a lesbian.

In an interview with Outlook magazine, she starts by saying her sexuality is “very cloudy at this point in time. I’m definitely venturing toward my lesbian qualities. It’s been a long time coming. At that time, I was really unsure. That was not the proper venue, the proper platform. To come out to your parents on a fucking reality show, I think that’s just mean, so I didn’t.” She says that in response to a question about dating men on her various shows; previously, she said she and Abram “were never a couple.”

Later, she says, “I’m attracted to beautiful women. Beautiful women tend to be attracted to me. It really seems to work out for me.” Talking about the LGBT events and community, Coral uses the third-person plural, saying, “I just felt it was something I belonged to and had to show up for. I love doing this kind of thing. It’s really positive and shows we’re capable and can run shit.”

Coral now “work[s] at a rape crisis center,” and says that while she rejected Challenge producers’ offers to return to the show, she may soon change her mind. “For every challenge, they call me back. For the last two, I’ve declined. I was working on other projects. Right now I’m contemplating going on the next one. Honestly, they’re very stressful. I just don’t feel like going to Mexico to cuss a bunch of people out. It’s not worth my time. Plus, I’m old. They’ve got 19-year old girls on there.” Coral is 28.

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