On the Lot drops back down to 2.9 million viewers

Although ratings for On the Lot rebounded slightly last week to 3.1 million viewers, they dropped back down to 2.9 million, reaching the previous week’s level.

Even the show that follows it seems to be suffering. Variety reports that it “seems to be dragging down repeats of ‘House’ at 9,” although House had more than double the number of viewers.

I’m still stunned that 2.9 million people are watching. That’s far more than the contestants’ family members, and an incredible number of bored people. The show retained its most recent format, having the contestants show their audition films. Someone named Trevor went home, and someone named Hillary was safe, while someone named Garry Marshall said, “I love a lady running through the street talking about sex.” I think he was talking about a film.

Apparently, the producers’ new strategy is to have Adrianna wear lower-cut outfits and have the bored judges pimp her out to the male contenstants. “If you play your cards right, I think our host might have a little crush on you,” Carrie Fisher told Kenny.

Someone shoot this show in the head before it becomes self-aware and realizes how much it sucks.

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