On the Lot loses another 100,000 viewers

I find On the Lot‘s ratings decline to be endlessly amusing. It’s not that I necessarily want the show to fail–I loved its first week–but I’m just in shock that the show continues to air despite the fact that it’s just bleeding viewers every week. Far greater shows have been cancelled with better ratings.

Last night, when six contestants actually presented new short films (rather than recycled movies, although they still largely focused on bodily fluids and/or functions), 2.3 million million people watched, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That’s a loss of about 100,000 viewers from last week, who fled like the rest of us should have long ago. Even ABC’s Shaq’s Big Challenge, which didn’t do all that well, was watched by 4.4, nearly doubled the FOX show’s ratings.

Defamer calls On the Lot an “unkillable Nielsen invalid,” and that’s exactly right. And as the weeks go by, it’s increasingly apparent that FOX is going to let the show die slowly and painfully, rather than just unplugging it right now.

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