Kathy Griffin’s Bravo series returns tonight

My Life on the D-List, Kathy Griffin’s docudrama reality series, returns tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. It’s preceded by her new one-hour comedy special titled “Everybody Can Suck It” at 9.

The previews for this season show both her parents drinking and laughing, but while they usually offer nothing but fun, their presence will carry some weight. That’s because Kathy’s dad John died earlier this year, and Kathy tells McClatchy-Tribune News Service that “[h]e passed away during production. The day after his memorial I had two shows in Las Vegas, and the reality crew came with me. It’s a grueler. That’s the thing with a reality show, whatever happens in your life, there’s the camera.” Even more tragically, she says her “mom’s heart isn’t in it. Together they were like a comedy team.”

This will also be the first season without her husband Matt, who Kathy divorced and no longer talks to.

To promote this season, Kathy has pretended to fall for publicity and even launched a web site, offthedlist.com, which basically is nothing more than a poll about who Kathy should date–from Sanjaya to K-Fed–to get off the D-list. At least she hasn’t lost her shamelessness.

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