Hell’s Kitchen 3 winner may have been revealed by bettors; ratings up from last year

Despite the return of the annoying, unnecessary narrator who always states the obvious, the premiere of Hell’s Kitchen 3 featured lots of yelling (food “tastes like gnat’s piss!”), swearing (“What do you want me to do, wipe your fucking ass?”), and even a 48-year-old Asian man in a cowboy hat who cried nonstop, but not because Gordon Ramsay called him a “chunky monkey” and asked him “how big are your fucking fingers?”

Thus, it’s little surprise that it was watched by more people than last season’s two-hour debut. Ratings among 18- to 49-year-olds were “up 13 percent over last year’s” debut, Media Life reports, although “it did match the final hour of last year’s debut.” The premiere was “[t]he night’s top adults 18-49 show,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, and eight million viewers watched overall. (As an aside, that’s five million more people than watched On the Lot last Monday.)

Meanwhile, we may already know who the winner is. Production on the show “wrapped in February,” contestant Bonnie told Eater LA, so the contestants and crew know who won. Apparently, someone in the know placed bets on that person.

As a result, “[g]ambling site bodog.com has suspended betting on the third season of Hell’s Kitchen after the odds for one of the contestants became favorably high, moving from 7-1 to 2-1 before the show’s June 4 premiere,” E! Online reports (the article has a spoiler that names the contestant).

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