Hell’s Kitchen 3 debuts tonight

Summer reality television officially kicks off tonight with the debut of Hell’s Kitchen 3, which is perfect light, trashy, summer fun. The show debuts at 9 p.m ET.

The series again features 12 people competing for the position of head chef at Las Vegas restaurant, or whatever the hell else the show actually decides to give them. But please: We’re not watching to see who wins, we’re watching to see things like the guy in the previews for the show who can’t stop crying even as Gordon Ramsay screams at him to stop crying.

Some reviewers, such as the New York Daily News’ David Bianculli, note that Ramsay begins the series by saying, “I will not scream, I will not swear.” But then he says: “Oh, come on. Who am I trying to kid here?” Phew.

And if there’s any doubt from those previews that this season is just like the previous two, Variety’s review of the first episode says this is “a season primed for confrontation” which is “what Ramsay does best.” It adds that the “production is following the same patterns of its first two seasons — the aerial shots, the capsule review of the show that opens each segment, the bleeped bits, the totured [sic] staff.” Can’t get more entertaining than bleeped-out kitchen torture of incompetent Americans by a British chef.

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