NBC wants “teenage couples” to “grow up” and take “their relationship to the next level”

NBC is searching for teenage couples who are 18 or 19 years old for a new series, according to a casting notice sent to reality blurred.

Producers want couples in the greater Los Angeles area who have been “in a committed relationship for more than 6 months,” who have “NEVER have lived together before and never have supported themselves financially before (at least one of them needs to still be living at home),” and who “feel that they are ready to ‘grow up’ and live more like adults.”

They also have to “be in love and discussing taking their relationship to ‘the next level’ one day,” although what exactly “the next level” means isn’t specified. Get a cat? Start swinging?

Love Productions says “[i]nterested couples should email [email protected] with their names, ages, location and a brief bio about themselves and their relationship.”

Update: This seems to be for NBC’s fall reality series Baby Borrowers, which NBC says will give teen couples “real houses and real responsibilities” and “children from a range of age groups.”