Live Big Brother 8 feed will air on Showtime

This summer, Big Brother 8‘s live feeds will move to pay cable, allowing those who stare at tiny windows on their computers for three months to get a three-hour-a-day break, and exposing the live feeds to a larger audience. Big Brother: After Dark will be “a live, unedited feed” airing on Showtime’s ShoToo channel from 9 p.m. ET to midnight, Variety reports.

The series and ShoToo live feed broadcast both debut July 5, and Variety reports that the CBS show will stay in the same three timeslots: Tuesdays at 9, Thursdays at 8, and Sundays at 8. That, incidentally, will force Pirate Master to move.

Of course, not even the pay feeds–which return this summer for $14.99–are completely uncensored; producers regularly cut the feed, sometimes for days, when the contestants compete in competitions, or when they start talking about things the producers would rather they not talk about.

While it’s unclear if the same thing will happen on the Showtime feed, Variety notes that “an online producer will decide which cameras [the audience] will see. Profanity and nudity will be allowed, but the feed will be interrupted if houseguests say anything slanderous or that violates music copyrights.”

Executive producer Allison Grodner says the live show will be “primetime for the ‘Big Brother’ house. It’s when our houseguests are most wide awake and having fun, talking about strategy and playing the game. People are going to see quite a bit.”

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