Big Brother 8 will be “more ubiquitous and interactive”

This summer’s big Big Brother 8 twist has yet to be revealed, but a CBS network executive and the show’s executive producer have revealed that it will be more interactive this year.

“This year, there are going to be some new things that make the show even more ubiquitous and interactive,” CBS’ Ghen Maynard tells Variety. And Allison Grodner says “there will be something die-hard fans will love. It will give them the opportunity to participate even more than they have in the past.”

Variety adds that the show will “significantly increase the play-along-at-home component.” Perhaps they’ll return to some version of the first season‘s rules, when viewers voted to evict one of the two nominated candidates; it’s hard to imagine it getting more interactive than that.

Besides that, the show will broadcast the live feed on Showtime every night and send updates to cell phones. Those aren’t major changes, and Maynard admits that the show is ultimately “about buzz. It takes a very loyal audience to watch a show three times a week. That’s a big deal.” But he recognizes that “It’s important to make sure you don’t betray the vision of the show. If you do too many tricks and stunts, you betray that.”

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