Big Brother 8’s cast revealed; “America’s Player” will get cash for doing viewer-chosen tasks

One week before its premiere, Big Brother 8 has announced its cast and its twists, which don’t sound all that twisty.

The 14-person “cast will include a few pairs of players with unresolved beefs,” Variety reports. While Variety does not elaborate, that could confirm the rumor that they’re high school enemies. Regardless, that twist means that for the fifth season in a row, the cast is not composed entirely of strangers.

Variety says “the biggest twist” is something called “America’s Player,” which sounds almost identical like “America’s Choice,” the typically lame-ass polls that allowed viewers to affect some generally insignificant part of the game–although one year, it did make April call us “pieces of shit”. In some ways, the new twist actually gives viewers less control; one America’s Choice poll, for example, allowed viewers to vote Kaysar back into the house.

America’s Player “will have the chance to win extra sums of money– but only if they carry out certain actions mandated by viewers via internet or text message voting.” Viewers could ask the player “to vote somebody out of the house or something more personal, such as flirting with another player,” Variety says, noting that CBS “is hoping the twist will give viewers more of a stake in the outcome of the game, in the same way auds who watch ‘American Idol’ get to shape that competition.” Yes, because asking someone to flirt is exactly like affecting the outcome of the competition. Lame.

The cast, which in no way matches the fake cast list that circulated last weekend, has a majority of young L.A. bartenders, according to Variety: “Half are under the age of 25, with one player below the age of 21. Four players hail from the Los Angeles area, and there are no less than three players who work at a restaurant or bar.” Perhaps best for the show is the fact that all of them except one are single (I’m counting the person identified as “separated” as single).

Here are their names, ages, relationship statuses, and occupations:

  • Amber, 27, Las Vegas, separated, cocktail waitress
  • Carol, 21, Lawrence, Kan., single, student
  • Daniele, 20, Huntington Beach, Calif., single waitress
  • Dick, 44, Los Angeles, single, bar manager
  • Dustin, 22, Chicago, single, shoe salesman
  • Eric, 27, New York, single, talent management assistant
  • Jameka, 28, Waldorf, Md., single, school counselor
  • Jen, 23, Beverly Hills, Calif., single, nanny
  • Jessica, 21 Haysville, Kan., single, college student
  • Joe, 23, Chicago, single, receptionist
  • Kail, 37, McKenzie Bridge, Ore., married, business owner
  • Mike, 26, Three Lakes, Wis., single, painting contractor
  • Nick, 25, Kimball, Minn., single, former pro football player
  • Zach, 30, Burbank, Calif., single, graphic designer

Finally, Variety says the house is inexplicably themed to Alice in Wonderland, with “really big beds and tiny chairs.”

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