Big Brother cast list is “completely made up,” casting director says

Because three months of Big Brother every year is not enough time to waste on the show, fans of the show are busy going crazy over this year’s possible cast and twist.

A cast list surfaced over the weekend, apparently first posted at Jokers, and is still being reprinted today, even though the show’s casting director says it is fiction. Robyn Kass told Live Wire, “I find the internet very amusing. No one on our cast is listed here AND I never even interviewed any of these people- completely made up, but interesting!”

Along with the list came a rumor that this year’s casting twist involved high school enemies being cast, which is sort of akin to the exes twist from season four, and would mean that for the fifth (!) year in a row, some of the houseguests would already know each other.

If history is any guide, the real cast will likely be revealed by the end of this week; the show debuts next Thursday.

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