Bindi Irwin’s new series debut on Animal Planet as part of Irwin Family Weekend

This weekend, Animal Planet will air what it’s calling the Irwin Family Weekend. It starts with a special tonight, and will be followed by the debuts of two new series, all of which seem designed to pass the Crocodile Hunter torch from Steve Irwin to his daughter, Bindi, following his death last fall.

The weekend starts with a special, My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter, which debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Steve Irwin’s daughter “hosts her very first hour long television special taking viewers on her own personal and private look at what it was like growing up with her famous dad,” and “shows clips from her early childhood and goes behind the scenes on some of his most exciting TV shows and movies. We get to see just how Steve Irwin taught his daughter everything she needed to know about wildlife and caring for their habitat,” according to the network.

Saturday night at 5 is the debut of Bindi’s new series, Bindi: The Jungle Girl, which was filmed prior to Steve’s death. Animal Planet says that she narrates “[f]rom her tree house perched high in the jungle,” and will be “joined in every episode by her dad, Steve Irwin,” her mom, Terri, and others, who “introduce us to many of the animals that share her jungle home.”

Planet’s Best with Terri & Bindi debuts Sunday at 8, and features the two “host[ing] Animal Planet’s best specials.”

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