Adrianne Curry says Tyra Banks, Top Model “act like the first winner of their show never existed”

Adrianne Curry, the original America’s Next Top Model winner and subsequent star of The Surreal Life and a spin-off series, says that Tyra Banks and the show “try to act like the first winner of their show never existed.”

She points out in her MySpace blog, which is always crazy fun with emphasis on the crazy, that she is “not shown on either the opening credits or featured on the walls of the house the girls live in. I frankly could give a shit less. It seems very petty and immature for Tyra & Co. to try to act like the first winner of their show never existed.”

Adrianne acknowledges that happened because said two years ago that the models “trusted Tyra but we’ve all been screwed over.”

Today, she writes, “All I did was raise my voice when I didn’t get what I was promised. Were they THAT surprised that I would be outspoken about it?” She says she “told them I was sorry about anything hurtful I said (I was pissed!)….but that I was NOT sorry for outting them on their bullshit.”

Adrianne says she’s “grateful for what I did get out of the show” but says “as much as they want to hurl insults my way and to ‘disown’ me publicly, they can’t change the fact that I was the first…and that I have worked my ASS OFF to climb to the top. … I am grateful beyond words! I will never forget where I came from…or what got me here. America’s Next Top Model changed my life. I am not mad at Tyra or Top Model for not putting me on there. It’s her show, and she can make any choice she wants.”

Tyra Vs. Adrianne? Top Model Disowns Me [MySpace]