Real World Sydney cast will reportedly return to the US by Saturday

One cast member of The Real World Sydney is scheduled to be back in the United States on Saturday, according to what is apparently her MySpace page, and that suggests that production on the show concludes this week.

KellyAnne’s MySpace page, noticed by the blog MTV is Real, says that she’s “Back in the Lone Star State May 26th.” Considering that the show went into production in February, it’s likely that she’s not returning for a visit, but that production is wrapping sometime during the next few days.

A reality blurred correspondent last week photographed and identified one of the show’s cast members as a woman named “Kelly Ann” from Austin who looks like the same person in these photos. MTV is Real also posted two pictures of KellyAnne, and previously, of another cast member.

KellyAnne’s MySpace page, which is set to private and thus only shows her description, also says “I need my birthday shots people.” She’s probably not talking about vaccinations, so while this is just one piece of evidence, it wouldn’t be surprising if producers managed to take its typical cast of drunken 20-somethings down under.

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