Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas debuts tonight

The Real World Las Vegas cast was reunited for about two weeks in April, and the results are a six-episode series that debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

This marks the first time in the franchise’s history that a cast moved back into its original house and lived together for a new series. Five years later, the seven are now 26, 27, or 29, and Brynn is married with two kids (a journalist who saw them at the Palms told me that Brynn’s baby and husband were with her at the pool one day, but it’s unclear if they’ll be featured on the show).

Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas will also feature at least one new quasi-cast member: Jason Dinant, a stand-up comedian who once appeared on MTV’s Fear. He “landed the role” of a sex expert for the bachelorette party Trishelle throws for Brynn because the “cast members and MTV producers liked his character,” The Post-Standard reports.

In other words, Bunim-Murray is edging their first show into the fake reality territory they carved out on The Simple Life. He might be funny, but his bio describes him as an entertainer and comedian, not a sex expert. He tells the newspaper that he does not know how many episodes will include him, but on his web site, he says he “will be seen starting on Episode 2 or 3.”

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