Real World 20’s “final castmate” will be selected via new casting web site

Days after launching an online casting competition for I Love New York 2, MTV Networks launched a similar casting site for The Real World 20.

The site’s about page indicates that unlike I Love New York 2‘s site, which will select the show’s whole cast, only the person with the most votes will end up on The Real World. “MTV is searching for the final castmate to live in the house … and whoever gets the most votes heads to the next Real World destination,” according to the site.

Three voting rounds will conclude July 23, when the winner/castmate will be announced. Anyone age 18 and up can register to audition (even old people?), and those 14 and up can vote.

MTV says that the site allows viewers to “register to be considered for the show or serve as a judge to help determine who makes the cut. … But it’s not just castees who make it onto MTV. Even judges may appear throughout the season to discuss whom they voted for and why.”

This is all part of MTV’s new online focus, which has, thankfully, meant the elimination of their crappy flash web site, and which also may lead MTV to rename TRL YouRL. With its new focus on viewers, hopefully MTV won’t do something really dumb and give one of their reality shows a subtitle like “Viewer’s Revenge” and then take away viewers’ power. Oops.

The Real World Online Casting
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