The Real World Denver nears its end as show creator takes questions from viewers

The 18th season of The Real World airs its penultimate episode tonight at 10 p.m. ET as the seven strangers get ready to leave the residents of Denver alone. The finale airs next Wednesday, May 16.

The show has been number one on cable in its time slot among people ages 12 to 34, MTV said earlier, and the show is currently in production on season 19 in Australia and is casting for season 20.

I stopped watching this current group of drunk, hedonistic assholes shortly after the pointless, horrifying, drunken fight that aired early in the season, but since then it’s used domestic violence as a cliffhanger and continued to annoy Denver’s residents. But those who have watched may have questions for the show’s executive producer.

On the occasion of the approaching finale, the show’s executive producer Jon Murray will appear on MTV’s TVgasm-produced after show tonight and answer questions from viewers. It pre-tapes at 3 ET/noon PT today, and I’ve been assured by the show’s host, Saul, that Murray won’t be just entertaining softball questions. Send your questions to [email protected] or via AIM to TVGASMLIVE.

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