Trump says “NBC wants to do another season” of The Apprentice

Appearing on Larry King Live last night, Donald Trump said that “NBC wants to do another season, a seventh season of ‘The Apprentice.'” NBC has until Friday to decide whether or not to pick up The Apprentice 7.

Although Trump quit the show just a few weeks ago, he’s now praising it, and again talking about how it’s the most popular show, even though it never was. “I’ve had so much fun. It became the number one show on television. It’s been terrific,” Trump said.

But he blamed problems with management and the show’s time-slot for its downfall. He said “the problem is NBC does have — and I love the guys at NBC, but there’s such turmoil with the management, with the lack of lead-ins. We had a lead-in this year of ‘Grease.’ The show was moved to four different slots. They should have just simply left it on Thursday, but they wanted to create a comedy Thursday.”

He adds, “they took ‘The Apprentice,’ which was really a powerful show, and they put it all over the place. They thought it was easily moved because it’s so successful that it would, you know, easily follow. And despite that, it did very well. It won the evening, as you know, recently on the finale.”

As to his future plans, Trump said, “I’m looking at something else and other networks really want me to do something. But as you know, I’m one of the largest real estate developers in the world and that really is something that I love. So, we’ll see what happens.”

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