Mark Cuban challenges Donald Trump to face off against him on The Apprentice 7

Benefactor star Mark Cuban and Apprentice star Donald Trump have clashed before, and after Donald Trump quit his NBC series, the other billionaire has issued a challenge.

Cuban, while noting his own cancelled reality series, writes on his blog, “I actually feel sorry for the guy. Seriously, what could his future hold ? We live in a culture where celebrity out of the limelight is celebrity quickly forgotten. Its a peril for those whose only skill is being a celebrity and I’m sad to say, I think Donald Trump has fallen from businessperson who goes back to work as some of us are, into the category of celebrity without a TV show.”

Cuban offers Trump seven possible post-Apprentice career moves, including being a suitor on I Love New York 2.

But the most interesting–and perhaps most realistic–suggestion is for Trump to “go back to NBC and ask for one more season of The Apprentice. Me against You,” Mark Cuban writes. “We let the audience pick the tasks and our teams and we let Rosie O’Donnell and Melania be in the boardroom and decide who wins or loses. I would do it just to see those two sitting next to each other. What do you say? You up for it?”

Although it’s obviously a somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggestion, I think it’s a fantastic idea; NBC has until next week to decide on the show’s future, and this could be it.

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