Andy and Tessa get engaged on The Bachelor 10’s finale

Tessa Horst beat Bevin Nicole Powers for the affections of Andy Baldwin during the conclusion of The Bachelor 10 last night.

I admit that I fast-forwarded through all but the last 20 minutes of the episode, because I can only tolerate about 20 minutes a season. However, that may have been a mistake; Chris Harrison teased the final segment by saying, “Andy chooses one lucky lady to be his wife.” I had no idea that one of this season’s twists was that the woman didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Next season, maybe the women’s dads will exchange them for goats.

Anyway, Bevin Nicole Powers told us, “I love Andy, I really do. … I am risking everything today.” Andy told her, “Our connection is electric like I’ve never felt before. … I love you, too,” and then he dumped her.

Andy–who really needs to learn to tilt his head to the side when he kisses so he doesn’t smash his nose and his partner’s, which he did repeatedly with both women–said “this is not a rejection at all.” Someone needs to get him a dictionary. Anyway, in the limo ride of shame, Bevin told us, “I thought we could have a future together, and now I feel like a fool. … This happens to me all the time. This is the story of my life.” It was actually really sad; damn this show for making me care, if only for 15 seconds.

After “the hardest decision that I’ve ever had to make in my entire life,” Andy chose Tessa, which wasn’t a surprise since she revealed that she won earlier and ABC spoiled the outcome, too. “You are everything I’ve been looking for,” he told her, and then proposed. She said yes, and now we wait to see if a relationship formed on TV will last.