Final all-star Amazing Race teams “were only allowed to go on one flight,” Mirna says

The final equalizer on the final episode of The Amazing Race 11 wasn’t accidental. Instead, the teams were bunched up intentionally, making most of the final hour’s challenges absolutely worthless in terms of determining the outcome.

The teams all boarded the same flight from Hawaii to Oakland, and that wasn’t a coincidence, according to one cast member. Mirna Hindoyan tells Reality TV World that teams “were only allowed to go one [sic] one flight [to San Francisco from Hawaii]… Basically it’s a producer-controlled flight that all three teams had to be on.”

Thus, as she points out, the entire race came down to “a matter of being at the taxi stands to get the best taxi” in San Francisco. She said that she and her cousin Charla Baklayan Faddoul’s “taxi driver had no idea where anything in San Francisco was.” Thus, they came in third, having arrived at the final challenge right as Eric and Danielle “were finishing up.”

In other finale news, Mirna says (Charla was kind of quiet) that the editors cut out the final Roadblock, which was obvious when they read their first clue. She said, “I had to jump off a cliff, which was really exhilarating. … It was a free fall without any harness or anything off a cliff in Hawaii.”

Mirna also says that, in Malaysia, her team “shared a hotel room [with Oswald and Danny] and got to watch” the finale of The Amazing Race 10. So while they were competing in the 11th race, they were watching the 10th on television, just like all of us.

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