Mookie unapologetic about searching Yau-Man’s bag, says “there is no privacy”

The last two episodes of Survivor Fiji have featured some of the most ingenious, if not intense, strategic moves ever used on the show. The victim of last week’s strategy, during which the dominant alliance split its votes between Mookie and Alex to force a tie and see where everyone stood, was Mookie, because Alex voted against him, too.

While Mookie says he didn’t know Alex had voted for him immediately, he isn’t upset. “Initially I was kind of surprised, but [on] the show [last week] he mentioned that he was going to make his vote count, so I kind of understood,” he tells TV Guide.

Mookie says that the previous week, he figured out at Tribal Council that the other alliance was going to target Edgardo. (The alliance learned from Dreamz that the immunity idol was in play, and Stacy suggested targeting Edgardo because that move would be unexpected, which it certainly was.) “But at that point I couldn’t do anything about it. I think that would have been the biggest turn in the game, if I still had it in my hand and gave it to Edgardo,” he said.

Shortly before he was voted out, Mookie searched through Yau-Man’s bag and discovered that he had the other hidden immunity idol. He’s unapologetic about his actions. “You should expect that there is no privacy. People have looked through bags before. Yau-Man basically looked through Sylvia’s bag, so he should expect the same, especially from people who had their back against the wall. We had to get a little creative and basically find any information that we could to keep ourselves in the game,” he said.

Of this season’s twist, which left Mookie staying at a primitive camp for his entire time on the show, he says, “I definitely feel like I was at a disadvantage. I think if I was on Moto or at least had a couple of days there to eat and get a couple nights’ good sleep, I probably would have lasted longer — more so if I had won immunity challenges. Then a lot of people who are there right now, people who just freeloaded, would be off, and I think I would still be there.”

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