Jim J. Bullock, Lil’ Flip, and Jeffree Star get their own reality shows

Three new reality shows are being developed around somewhat well-known personalities.

Actor and comedian Jim J. Bullock, of Too Close for Comfort and Hollywood Squares, will star in Beauty School Dropout, in which “he charts a second career as the would-be owner of a hair salon. Bullock will let cameras follow him as he matriculates in beauty school and applies for a license to manage a beauty shop,” Variety reports.

That show is produced by World of Wonder Productions, which is also producing Jeffree Star, a show that follows the “20-year-old cross-dresser with pink hair who has 550,000 friends on MySpace.” They’re also developing Allison Margolin: The Dopest Attorney in Town, which follows “a Los Angeles lawyer who specializes in medical-marijuana cases while working for her family’s practice, which includes her mother, stepfather and ex-stepfather.”

Rapper Lil’ Flip will lead The American Rapper, a competition series that “will follow contestants as Lil’ Flip teaches them the tricks of the trade including essentials like interviewing and networking skills,” AllHipHop.com reports. Lil’ Flip told the site, “A lot of these reality shows is kind of a mockery of Hip-Hop. With my show I’m gonna try to find a rapper, they get a two album deal, a chain and money. I’m teaching ’em media training. How to handle interviews, what not to say and do. How to talk to people and network, how to run commercial spots, how to construct a song, attitudes.”

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