Simon Cowell will quit American Idol after 10 seasons

Next season, American Idol 7, will be one of only three–or perhaps four–more seasons with judge Simon Cowell.

“There comes a point where you’ve got to move on. You’ve got to say when your time’s up,” he told Extra. “This is the year I decided that on ‘American Idol,’ once I’ve done 10 series, your time’s up. It’s time to do something new.”

“I think it’s time to bring in new people, because I think you know, 10 years is a long time. And we’ve just got to make the next three great,” he said.

I suck at math, but his math seems slightly off, as he says that he will only stay for three more seasons, and that wants to do a total of 10 series. Three more seasons would take him through the end of American Idol 9, which is only nine American seasons. And he can’t be counting British seasons, as he’s done two of those. Either way, he’s leaving sometime in the future, which will leave Ryan Seacrest with no one to flirt with.

Simon’s Bombshell Confession! Is He Leaving Idol? [Extra]