Report: Idol asked Pink to change the lyrics of her masturbation song

P!nk was supposed to appear on American Idol 6‘s charity event episode, but she was one of the celebrities cut from the show, and her pre-taped performance airs during tonight’s results show instead.

She’ll sing “Who Knew,” but originally was going to sing “U + Ur Hand.” However, “when the ‘Idol’ powers-that-be realized the song made references to self-love, they asked P!nk to alter the lyrics to make them more appropriate for the ‘family-friendly’ show,” TMZ reports, citing only anonymous sources, as usual.

Instead, “sources tell TMZ that P!nk wasn’t willing to compromise her artistic integrity … and agreed to sing her last single, ‘Who Knew,’ instead.” The lyrics to the song aren’t exactly graphic, but are actually somewhat empowering: “Cause I’m not here for your entertainment (No) / You don’t really want to mess with me tonight / … Keep your drink just give me the money / It’s just you and your hand tonight.”

But the producers’ objection does make some sense: references to masturbation in the song might actually remind viewers that there’s something more interesting and entertaining to do than watch the results show’s 58 minutes of filler and ads.

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