Melinda says she didn’t “let loose” until “after I was eliminated”

Melinda Doolittle, the most talented but least interesting American Idol 6 finalist, admits that she was kind of boring.

“I think the first time I let loose was after I got eliminated last night,” She told reporters yesterday. She added, “I don’t know that I’ve completely achieved letting loose like during the actual show. I think I’ve gotten close, but I don’t believe that I completely achieved it. So last night was kind of a full-circle moment for me in the fact that I was able to just let go and have a great time onstage.”

As to her elimination, Melinda says “I kind of had an idea that it would be me” and “was kind of prepared.” She also says, “I know that I was probably getting a little bit of the older vote, which is great. … [S]ometimes they may not spend a full two hours voting or anything like that, and that’s okay.” She’s gracious about her competitors, saying that she’s “just in awe of [Jordin]” and thinks Blake “may quite possibly be one of the most original performers ‘American Idol’ has ever had.”

Finally, Melinda admits that she wore wigs “every week. I love them. I started to name them. So I think by last night I had Whitney on, and Whitney is my new favorite.”

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