Blake leads Jordin in web searches

Although Jordin Sparks’ final performances appeared to give her the advantage , Blake will win American Idol 6, at least if searches on the web are any indication.

“Blake had .0045% of all search traffic monitored by Hitwise, versus .0036% for Sparks,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. Searches for Blake have consistently led Jordin’s all season long, except during the week of April 21 to 28, when Idol Gives Back aired and producers pretended that Jordin was going to be eliminated.

Hitwise’s Bill Tancer breaks down the search data for Time, finding that Blake’s lead has decreased, at least among searchers. He “is edging out 17-year-old Jordin Sparks by just 25%. Compare that to his searches for the prior week, which were 270% more numerous than Jordin’s.”

Even though she’s a strong singer, “[l]ess than 1% of Jordin’s searches were related to her music,” Tancer says, while “over 2% of [Blake’s] searches” were about his music. Others were about his personal life: 4.25 percent of all Blake searches were for “blake lewis gay,” while .5 percent were for “blake lewis girlfriend.” Hitwise found that “over 3% of his searches were for ‘blake lewis pictures’ and ‘blake lewis shirtless.'”

While Tancer ultimately predicts that searches indicate a Blake victory, he points out that “61% of [] site visitors for the four weeks ending May 19, 2007 were over the age of 35, predominately female, and more likely to live in rural areas, all factors that would seem to give advantages to the old-fashioned song styling of the young Jordin Sparks.”

Elsewhere, Google Trends shows Blake with a commanding lead over Jordin. And Yahoo’s search data also finds that Blake has the edge.

From last week to this week, searches for Blake on Yahoo increased 515 percent, while searches for Jordin only increased 316 percent, according to its Buzz Log. And since the beginning of March, searches for Blake have consistently led searches for Jordin.

Yahoo also breaks down searches into other specific subsections; for example, there were 301 variations on Blake Lewis searches, while just over half that, 167, for Jordin. However, Yahoo finds that they’re tied in the sense that they’re both “most popular with girls under 13.” And we all know that’s really who decides which person will win American Idol.

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